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Craftsman Manual 315

Craftsman Manual 315

The great unit from LiftMaster is a direct replacement for your Sears Craftsman 139.18190 18190 remote control. If your opener has a PURPLE learn / SRT button or if the buttons on your old remote control are BLACK this unit will work with your opener.

This Craftsman® 139.53753 remote control is compatible with Craftsman, Liftmaster, Do-It, Master-Mechanic, Raynor, and Chamberlain garage door openers using Security+ ERT technology, and made 2005 and after...

Craftsman charger CAN BE USED WITH THE FOLLOWING Craftsman Ni-Cad battery packs (Ni-Cad Only). 12 v- 110680, 14.4v-110441, 18v-110451 and 19.2v 315.113753 (130279003, 130279005). New energy star product will not overcharge your batteries as the previous model did...

Replacing the circuit board is a snap. Usually it's just a matter of unplugging a few wires from the old unit and then plugging them into the new one. In some cases, however, you will need to unscrew the old circuit board's housing and screw it on to the new circuit board to ensure proper fit...

The battery charger charges 19.2v lithum (XCP PP2020, XCP PP2030, PP2010 , PP2025, 11374, 11371, 17300) and 19.2v (11375) NiCd battery It will charge the following batteries: 1310715,1322521,1322522,1323408,1323409,1323501,1323501,1323505,1323506,1323513, 1323514,1323516,1323517,1323903,1323905,1325101,130235029,130238003,130238005, 130251008,130279001,130279002,130279003,130279004,130279005,130287001.


A 19.2 volt cordless trim saw with. 1-9/16 in. depth-of-cut, 4500 RPM for faster, cleaner cuts. 45 degree bevel capability. Spindle lock, lock-off switch. Die cast aluminum upper blade guard. 5-1/2 in...

LiftMaster 41A5021-1M-315 receiver logic board assembly.

Comes complete with carrying case! Brand New never used. Owners manual (included) says model number 315-101150 but I can see no differences between it and the 100150 model.

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