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Craftsman Manual 315

Craftsman Manual 315

Craftsman charger CAN BE USED WITH THE FOLLOWING Craftsman Ni-Cad battery packs (Ni-Cad Only). 12 v- 110680, 14.4v-110441, 18v-110451 and 19.2v 315.113753 (130279003, 130279005). New energy star product will not overcharge your batteries as the previous model did...

The battery charger charges 19.2v lithum (XCP PP2020, XCP PP2030, PP2010 , PP2025, 11374, 11371, 17300) and 19.2v (11375) NiCd battery It will charge the following batteries: 1310715,1322521,1322522,1323408,1323409,1323501,1323501,1323505,1323506,1323513, 1323514,1323516,1323517,1323903,1323905,1325101,130235029,130238003,130238005, 130251008,130279001,130279002,130279003,130279004,130279005,130287001.

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